What does depression look like? It can take the form of fatigue, chronic pain, irritability, anger and stress - to name a few. It makes us despondent and causes us to question our self-worth. The most important thing to remember: you are not alone. There is an entire community of creators across social networks that are ready to stand by your side and see you through the tough times. 

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Do you think you might be suffering from depression? Have you been feeling slightly depressed recently? Take our depression test.

Talking to someone is one of the most important things we can do when struggling, but is therapy to expensive? Is online counseling a better option?

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If you're struggling right now, you are not alone. Below are some of our most popular resources from the health creator community. Whether you are looking for answers, tips or just something to cheer you up, we encourage you to check these out:

Creator Kat Napiorkowska is known for her beautifully artistic videos depicting mental health. For those that battle with depression, her recent video is sure to speak to you.


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