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I'd like to thank Daisy Foxglove for being awesome and agreeing to do this interview. I'm a self-proclaimed "fan-boy" of her channel, and it has been amazing working with her to put this story together. I found Daisy's channel about a year ago, when I was looking for help with my anxiety. I came across her video, linked in this article, and came to admire her creative and unconventional techniques for battling anxiety. Empathetic of what it feels like to suffer from anxiety, Daisy's unwillingness to compromise and give in to her fears resonated with me, and I began to implement her techniques into my own routine. These tips have changed my life for the better, and that is why I felt it was so important to share them with you, the readers of CreatorHealth. 


Beneath Daisy's strong approach to her battle with anxiety, is compassion and love for her friends and YouTube community. For Daisy, the platform offers access to a symbiotic relationship with a group of she people she has come to adore. Just as I have gained from hearing Daisy's story, she gains happiness from the storyline that is created from the interactions with her viewers. So if you are in search of new ways to battle anxiety, give Daisy's video above a watch. If you're like me, this won't be the last Daisy Foxglove video you watch. In fact, you'll probably be asking yourself when we'll get the next upload! 



1. Daisy, for those who are new to your channel, please tell us about yourself. 


Daisy: Well, hi! I'm a poet and slightly unconventional lifestyle YouTuber living in a small city in Australia. Most of my time is taken up by my dogs, but I try to put as much effort into creating content as possible!



2. What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?


Daisy: I used to blog, and what I loved about that was the level of interaction and communication that it afforded - I've always been amazed by this idea that I can throw an idea out into the world via the internet and almost immediately get responses, feedback & differing opinions, and when I started understanding that the community side of things was what I loved, YouTube seemed like the next logical step!



3. How has your outlook on YouTube changed since you started? What has creating YouTube videos taught you about yourself? Do you find it therapeutic at all? 


Daisy: I try to keep my outlook the same to be honest - I started my channel for fun, and I always want to keep it that way. I have a very small platform on YouTube but I love it, and I never want that to change even if my channel does grow!


I definitely find YouTube therapeutic, but surprisingly it's actually the interaction with my viewers that gives me that sense of satisfaction, rather than the process of creating the videos themselves. I honestly adore the people who watch my videos because they always have something interesting to add onto any point I may make, they're always teaching me something new and reminding me that the world is so, so much larger than me. 


As for what it's taught me about myself, I think my YouTube channel has taught me to understand my kindness. I'm a very brash person and I often react aggressively to things, but with YouTube, people are constantly coming to me for advice, or just someone to air their problems out to, and it's really shocked me how much I enjoy filling that role for so many people. I used to think I had no empathy, but this platform has taught me otherwise.



4. What would you recommend to someone who may suffer from anxiety, but currently feels too scared to share their story on YouTube?


Daisy: Honestly, I really feel that if you put yourself out there as a content creator with good intentions and speak your truth, people will pick up on that & respond really well. Anxiety can absolutely manifest as fear, it often does with me as well, but I put off making videos for years because I felt too scared to put myself out there, and I really regret it now because of how much positivity my channel has brought into my life! YouTube really is an amazing community, especially for new and smaller creators because everyone wants to see each other succeed, and I actually think that can be hugely beneficial to people with anxiety. Pushing yourself can yield some incredible results!



5. You're always sharing new books with us. How has reading changed your outlook on life?


Daisy: I've been an avid reader my whole life and honestly, I don't think I'd have developed the confidence or the creativity I hold close to my heart today if I hadn't been so constantly immersed in works of fiction! I think especially for those of us with anxiety, reading can be one of the best escapes because it allows us a place of comfort, as many worlds to come back to as we could possibly hope for, and a way to make the world a little quieter when everything else sounds like shouting. With regards to storytelling too, I truly don't feel you can be an excellent communicator unless you read works created by others, whether it's fiction or a biography of someone famous, highbrow literature or a young adult vampire saga, they all teach us to think outside of the box in different ways and I think that's essential for anyone striving to live their most creative life.



6. In your eyes, what makes a good story? How do you apply that to making a good YouTube video?


Daisy: The most important thing to me, both when I'm telling a story and when I'm listening to someone else's, is the truth. I'm of the opinion that even the mundane can be fascinating if it's told by the right person and with the right amount of passion, and I'd much rather hear a factual account of an event than a fabricated or over-exaggerated one. People gravitate towards others who communicate honestly because it inspires us to live and share our own truths, and I love that. That's what I try to do on my channel; keep it real even if embellishing something might garner more attention, because ultimately it allows me to be proud of the small voice I do have online.


(Obviously this doesn't apply so much to fiction, but in saying that, I can always tell when a writer is drawing on their own experience and I do think it makes for a better read.)



7. If you had one message to share with the entire world, what would it be? What truth would you share? 


Daisy: Everyone's doing their thing just like you - don't hurt anyone, and as long as they aren't either then shut up, let them be, focus on yourself and live your best possible life - it's within reach!



8. How can we find you online? What do we have to look forward to on your channel?


Daisy: My instagram is @daisylola and my Twitter, where I think I'm funny but no-one agrees, is @hawkmothh.


I have some vegan baking videos coming out soon, as well as some more in-depth videos on anxiety and how I deal with it. 

Plus, I'm releasing my second full-length poetry collection later this year and plan on sharing some of those poems on YouTube!


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