Overcoming Depression with YouTuber, Amer Kamra


YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Second to their parent company, Google. Which is totally mind-blowing. We are learning more through video than we have in human history. 


For me, YouTube has been a search engine that has brought me stories and advice that have helped me better understand my own mental health journey. With each unique story, I gain more and more valuable insight into the lives and learnings of others that can be reflected in my own life. 


Sometimes I need a real dose of motivation to get me moving. For me, Amer Kamra, has been one of the best sources of motivational content to break the negative cycle of feeling bad for myself and begin the fight to build a stronger, happier life. As you'll see in Amer's video above, to start feeling better, you must first understand your emotions. Emotions are largely formed because of our primal instincts, which are designed to help us live and procreate. As life has changed, and we as humans in developed nations no longer need to hunt and kill and live in survival mode, those same emotions have stuck with us. We simply cannot get rid of them. However, we can work to understand why we feel the emotions we do and reverse engineer them to create a better life for ourselves. This type of thinking will greatly improve your emotional awareness, which is a leading indicator of personal success. It allows us to objectively and rationally analyze our surroundings, interactions and thoughts to make smarter more grounded decisions. Improving your emotional awareness may not be easy, but it is worth it. So please, if you are struggling, consider learning more about Amer's channel and watch some of his videos. If they helped you like they've helped me, the time spent will be worth its weight in gold. Finally, Amer was kind enough to answer a few questions I had to follow up this video. Enjoy! And be sure to show him some love with a like and subscribe on his channel



1. Amer, for people who are unfamiliar with your channel, please tell us a bit about yourself? 


I am the owner of several businesses including Hammer Fitness, The Mind Builder and Elite Coaching System. I have competed in many sports at the highest level throughout my life including Wrestling and Football; at the age of 21 I turned pro as the youngest fitness model in the world, landing countless magazine covers and spreads which was the catsylyt to founding my first business venture Hammer Fitness which is an online coaching system.



2. What inspired you to start on YouTube? 


Like any other young, selfish vain fitness model, I did it for the attention and to amass a following earlier on until I realized the impact I was having on the lives of many people. It started as a selfish venture and turned into a selfless one. I hold myself to a high standard and realize that many people need guidance, direction and advice in life. Many people lack the right guidance, I take pride in the responsibility of helping to guide and change the perspective of many people that may not know any better than they do.



3. When did you realize the link between physical strength and mental health?


It has always been something that is innate, from a young age I had realized how powerful my mind was if I put all of my focus and effort into a goal, I would be paid for the fruits of my labour. The formula for success is rather simple, the challenging part for many is sticking to it despite what your emotions are trying to tell you what to do. Grasping a strong hold on your emotional self is a key to success, being able to separate what you want and what you feel is crucial in decision making. Many people make the wrong decisions because they make decisions and take action based upon what they feel rather than what they want most in life.



4. How has YouTube content creation helped you? Have you found it therapeutic to create storylines and turn them from vision to reality? 


Although fitness is my passion, it has also become my work. I find video creation to be a form of art. I can be creative in what I think, say, and film. It is a form of creativity and an outlet that fitness no longer gives me because my brain has become so conditioned and familiar with the ins and outs of fitness.



5. What motivates you? Have your motivations changed throughout your adult life? 


My motivation is the image of myself in 10 years from now. I keep at the forefront of my mind the person I desire becoming. I look up to the man I want to become, the one that I have created in my mind.



6. What is next for you and the channel? What are you looking forward to most?


We are working to create A LOT more content In the near future for both The Mind Builder and Fitness content. Both physical and mental self development and conditioning. I am excited about that because I took some time away from filming to focus on the infrastructure of my businesses, and have created a system that now allows me to put more effort and focus into the filming and content creation.



7. If you had one piece of advice for someone who is struggling with depression, what would you tell them? 


The best piece of advice I could provide is to not feel sorry for yourself. Its fun, but feels good and its easy to feel sorry for yourself. We get a sense of instant gratification when we do that but its a recipe for disaster. You need to learn to be the hardest person on yourself, be tough on yourself, accept nothing less than what your expect of yourself. Have reality checks with yourself, question whether what you say and want are in line, whether they are conducive to one another and align.  The way we feel is synonomous to the seasons of the year, some are darker months, others are brighter months, you need to know and understand that how you feel now isn’t going to be how you feel tomorrow so on the tough days you just need to keep on pushing forward.

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