Understanding, then Overcoming with Depression Decoded

Hello CreatorHealth Family, as we go through life and our day to day activities always remember to push through your daily commitments, no matter what the circumstances may be. We've come across an inspirational YouTube channel by the name of Depression Decoded hosted by Josh, a fellow member and mentor within the Mental Health community, who creates weekly content to help empower folks who may be struggling through depression and anxiety.


As the name of his YouTube channel describes, Josh talks about different topics implementing real-life scenarios that people may experience when they're going through hardships associated with depression and anxiety, by decoding them. What we must remember is that all emotions we feel are valid. They come from within, however, we do not need to let them affect us negatively. If we decode them and understand them, we can ultimately live better lives and begin the road to recovery. 


What we love the most about Josh and his YouTube channel is the fact that he is just raw and a true living testament of overcoming Anxiety and Depression. Make sure to check him on YouTube and his amazing videos!


1. When did you start your YouTube channel? What inspired you to create videos? 



I began my Depression Decoded YouTube Channel in the summer of 2014, simultaneously when I launched the company Depression Decoded as well. Many people would inquire my opinion on various mental health topics and I was also facilitating a mood disorder support group in NYC. I realized I had a lot of insight and information to share with people regarding my own mental health journey and helping other individuals on their own. I launched Depression Decoded as a coaching/mentoring company and began working one on one with clients. Not as a therapist but as a mentor and someone they could learn from and have a very different relationship with versus traditional therapists. 


2. How has YouTube helped you learn more about yourself?


I think YouTube allows an individual to look back on their life and learn from their own experiences. Moreover though, my level of accountability has skyrocketed. Meaning if I tell people I'm gonna do x,y and Z...then I better do exactly that. It allows me to set goals and then have the accountability of a Mental Health community holding me to the fire. 


3. You're an exceptional storyteller. What is your process for creating a storyline?


When I come up with video topics, I think of things that I'd be interested in and things that I know I will have an original take on. So I rarely script out my vids and often take them in just one or two takes. Making mistakes or pausing is a normal part of explaining ideas so I would not want to sound polished or rehearsed. The stories I share are from my own life and I think the more people share there own experiences with the world or even just their friends, the better story tellers they become. 


4. Who are your inspirations on YouTube? How have these channels helped you better understand your mental health journey?


I think Kati Morton is pretty inspiring as she is the best at making herself as available as possible to the mental health community. She utilizes all social media platforms and on top of having her own practice, really gives a great deal of time to the YouTube community. 


Also Like Kristen is great, really well edited vids and an even better resource for someone who needs stimulation in the vids they consume and someone who wants to hear the perspective of a younger woman. 


Finally Scott from Depression to Expression is amazing. He taught me about being myself in the vids and if I really am dorky and stuff, do that. He makes voices, does hand puppets, plays guitar, cries and so on. He's great and obviously the community can never have enough male mentors and YouTube channels. 



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