YouTube, Mental Health and Marine Biology with Lisa Emerald

Hello CreatorHealth Family! We know life can be difficult and sometimes things may not work as intended. Fortunately there are people on YouTube who are brave enough to share their stories online to help a community of viewers going through the same challenges.  Today, I'm excited to share the story of a person who brilliantly overcomes the struggles of anxiety and depression and generously shares her experiences and tips to help viewers live better lives. Ultimately recreating and moving forward with her life with a positive mindset by setting goals and finding her own-self in the process.


Known as Lisa Emerald on YouTube, Lisa was inspired to create videos to help inspire and bring awareness of the daily struggles that are associated with Mental Health by providing her own stories and experience with depression and anxiety.


As she explains in her videos, Mental Health is a real problem that anyone can experience and it's up to us to define a future for our lives. Lisa in an unscripted manner speaks on many topics regarding her personal life and relationship advice and how to own your decision in a positive light.


Lisa possess a bold and determined attitude for change in each video providing helpful tips for a community that is rapidly growing. We simply just love her and her openness to helping others through videos, becoming an inspiration for those who watch her! As a content creator and a fellow member in the CreatorHealth Family, Lisa is definitely someone who you relate to for her raw and authentic personality!

Her career on YouTube started by watching other Mental Health YouTubers and has now become a voice within the space, proving that you too can share your dreams and experiences, especially for those who want to start creating content in YouTube!

We can't wait to see what her future will bring and the opportunities she's blossoming into. Make sure to subscribe to her on YouTube, Lisa rocks!


1. When did you start your YouTube channel? What inspired you to create videos? 




I started my YouTube channel in April of 2014. I was inspired to create videos after seeing other mental health YouTubers speaking so candidly about mental health. Their openness and authenticity inspired me to follow suit and remove the mental barriers I had surrounding topics such as depression and anxiety.

2. How has YouTube helped you learn more about yourself?
YouTube has helped me find my own voice and direction in life, it has even helped me pursue my dreams! I am a very introverted and a shy person but was able to overcome my setbacks and move to another province in Canada, following my dream of studying marine biology and living by the ocean... all by myself! YouTube was a huge catalyst for that self-growth as I met like-minded people but also worked through criticism and adversity online, which is resulted in self-betterment.

3. You're an exceptional storyteller. What is your process for creating a storyline?
My vlogs are very much 'off the cuff', raw and real. I made it a point to remain unscripted when recounting personal mental health stories to really preserve that authenticity and hopefully people who watch me will be able relate. My friends and family back home know about my channel so it is also a way to communicate to them what is going on in my life in a very honest and unfiltered way.

4. Who are your inspirations on YouTube? How have these channels helped you better understand your mental health journey?
Some of my initial inspirations on YouTube were mental health vloggers rawsammi, Depression to Expression, Silencewithinme and idranktheseawater. When I watched them, I felt a connection to their struggles and triumphs. I have rarely met people in my daily life who speak so boldly and unapologetically about mental health topics and it inspired me to have the freedom to do the same. It helped me be more introspective and create better understanding of how events in my life have shaped me into who I am today.


5. What is the most important piece of advice you'd share with someone who is struggling? 
Get help. Help can take many different forms such as self-help (therapy, journaling, exercise, rest and proper nutrition for example) or external help like therapy. I was not initially ready to see a therapist but over time and self-reflection I came to terms with it and it was a huge advantage in the end. I saw a therapist for a year and am considering exploring it again this year through my school for a little 'maintenance'.

6. We're fans of your channel! What is coming next? Anything exciting planned? 
Thank you! Recently I have been documenting my journey of moving to follow my dream career as a marine biologist. I have managed to accomplish a lot such as developing new relationships and friendships, attending school full-time, recently finding a great job and all the rest that comes with living out on your own. I want to keep relaying that information to my subscribers and showing them that anything is possible, mental illness is not a dead end and we can still reach our big dreams and goals.

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