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Hello CreatorHealth Family! Mental Health is definitely something not to be ashamed about and should be dealt with by communicating with a specialist or a loved one. Each and every single one of us go through a different path in life and the outcome can be both positive and negative depending on how we approach life and the circumstances we encounter. 


Today we're featuring a creator who's making an impact within the Mental Health community who's just an inspiration to us! Jordan, a clinical therapist, was inspired to create videos on YouTube to assist people who can't afford therapy and has made it her mission to help those in need!


Her videos not only provide life-long testimonies from her personal experiences, they also are quality content! Whether you're going through difficult times, don't forget that you're not alone and there is always someone out there who will help you through the process. 

Make sure to follow Jordan and her videos on YouTube!


1. When did you start your YouTube channel? What inspired you to create videos?



I started my channel just under one year ago in response to my Instagram account and also my online/ in person therapy business as I wanted to give content to people who many not be able to afford in person therapy. I was inspired to create videos as I want to make self esteem, anxiety relief and mental health advice accessible for everyone as this was not accessible for me growing up with a facial deformity and I felt very alone. 


2. How has YouTube helped you learn more about yourself? What does it feel like to connect with people at a global scale? 


I enjoy when people tell me that my videos have helped them and I like using my six years of schooling to provide people with tips and therapy tools that I know are effective. There is a lot of information on the internet and I want to provide people with accurate information that they feel they can trust. 


3. You're an exceptional storyteller. What is your process for creating a story-line?


I speak from my knowledge and professional experience but I also speak from my heart and use my own story of overcoming mental health issues to give examples and help people understand that many experiences are normal and that it is OK to talk about it and not to always be OK. 


4. Who are your inspirations on YouTube? How have these channels helped you?


I would say that I take inspiration from many channels and it would be hard to credit just a few. My main inspiration are people I encounter every day and patients as well who teach me so much and help me discover new topics.


5. What is the most important piece of advice you'd share with someone who is struggling?


Don't be embarrassed to reach out and don't feel alone. don't neglect your own inner strength and the amazing power You have to overcome your own obstacles :)

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