Meet our Favorite Rising Star: Emily AM

Hello CreatorHealth Family! Every week we feature new creators and we're constantly blown away with the talent that our creators showcase with their videos and how helpful they can be for others who are struggling! Emily is one of the creators we're featuring this week and her story on YouTube is very interesting. Emily journey began when she was going through a rough break-up in a past relationship. Emily taking her own hardship, created a positive outlook by helping other folks who've gone through similar experiences with her videos, and reminding us that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


It was important for me to share Emily's story because she embodies exactly what we stand for at creatorhealth. We want to inspire people to share their stories. We believe it is therapeutic to create stories through YouTube and share with the world what you are going through. Not only do you help yourself learn about what makes you tick, but you also help people who are suffering. It is so important to share!


Emily is one of our favorite members in the CreatorHealth Family and we'd love for you all to checkout her YouTube channel.

1. When did you start your YouTube channel? What inspired you to create videos? 



I wanted to create a YouTube channel because I knew I could help people in some way shape or form through my own experiences. I was inspired to create my first "real" video by a painful breakup that I went through. I knew that I should share with other people that the pain gets better and ways they could cope with heartbreak because I had also experienced it first hand more than once. When I was going through the breakup, YouTube was one of the resources that I leaned on and sought out for ways to cope and strategies to heal from being so hurt so I felt that sharing my story was almost like giving back to the community. It was very scary and vulnerable for me to share it with all of my Facebook friends but I knew I had to if I wanted it to be seen or help anyone since I had no following of any kind at the time. I had such a positive response from that video it really helped motivate me to make more. I just needed to figure out what else to share with people. 


2. How has YouTube helped you learn more about yourself?



If you look at my first videos and compare them with my videos now you will see such a difference in my camera presence and overall demeanor. In the beginning of anything new I believe we are nervous and don't know quite what to expect or how we come across. I discovered the more that I am myself and just let my true personality shine through the better the video turned out and typically the better the feedback from my viewers. This has really helped me be more confident in myself in general and more comfortable being myself out in the world. I have learned to really like myself during this time as well.


3. You're an exceptional storyteller. What is your process for creating a storyline?


I typically create content based on my own life events and struggles. I try to imagine what I have wanted to hear at different stages in my journey and what would have helped me to hear someone share and then create a video based on that. I don't create a script or write down notes. I go in with a general idea of what I want to share and just open up to the camera and try to be as vulnerable and forthcoming while being helpful as I can. 


4. Who are your inspirations on YouTube? How have these channels helped you better understand your mental health journey?


My YouTube icon is Kandee Johnson. I have watched her for several years and she inspired me to create my own channel. She was a single mother, and a  Christian, like me, and has struggled in life.  She shared her struggles and other experiences such as losing her father in a freak accident and how difficult that was for her. The funny thing is she's known for her beauty channel but people love her because she's a sweetheart and shares her hurts as well as her accomplishments. She has inspired me as I watched her grow from this single mom doing YouTube videos from her bathroom into this beauty icon who hosts award shows and does television appearances on the regular. In sharing her pain and sorrow along with her story it helped me realize I wasn't alone in my struggles of being a single mother and going through heartbreak and that it could get better. And it has gotten SO MUCH BETTER! 

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