Who are you? Finding your Identity with Yasmine

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Today we're featuring a new creator who is a YouTube veteran that been creating videos for a while now, inspiring folks with her amazing personality with real-life stories. I have been following Yasmine for a while because I've struggled with a lot of the issues she talks through on her channel. Yasmine struggled to find herself, suffering from an identity crisis who found a light at the end of the tunnel by creating videos on YouTube and crafting her talent on video. 


It was important for me to share Yasmine's story because she embodies exactly what we stand for at creatorhealth. We want to inspire people to share their stories. We believe it is therapeutic to create stories through YouTube and share with the world what you are going through. Not only do you help yourself learn about what makes you tick, but you also help people who are suffering. It is so important to share! 

Yasmine is a star in the making and someone to check out!


1. When did you start your YouTube channel? What inspired you to create videos?



I'd always been hanging around on YouTube since the early days of 2008. But I properly started making YouTube videos in 2015. I used to watch YouTube growing up and it always helped me smile and forget about my problems. I found it so inspiring that people could literally stand in front of a camera and make others smile, and I felt compelled to do the same. I just want people to watch me so they can forget all the crap going on in their life and just think about something else. 


2. How has YouTube helped you learn more about yourself?


When I started YouTube I was going through a complete identity crisis and I didn't know who I was. But YouTube helped me experiment with different styles of videos and it helped me understand who I am, what I actually like and what really interests me. YouTube has also shown me that I can have a real drive to do something if I really love it, and I should never give up no matter what. 


3. You're an exceptional storyteller. What is your process for creating a storyline?


Honestly most of my stories on my channel are just from the crazy stuff that happens in my life! I've been through a lot and I put all my emotions into my videos so that includes telling people about my life, the things I've been through and all the crazy stuff that's happened along the way!


4. Who are your inspirations on YouTube? How have these channels helped you better understand your mental health journey?


I love Emma Blackett and Lukeisnotsexy as well as DanIsNotOnFire and Amazing Phil. They're all amazing Youtubers who've shown me that it's okay to be different and not be mainstream and that you don't need conform to what society tells you to be in order to fit in and be relevant. It's really helped with my mental health because I accept who I am and what I'm capable of instead of comparing myself to other people and trying to fit myself into a little box.

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