Pregnancy Hacks!! | How To Prevent Stretch Marks, DIY and Abs!

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Makeup, hair and lifestyle enthusiast Alexandra has over 1.6 million subscribers. Needless to say, she has many popular videos, but perhaps her most popular is this pregnancy hacks video.


Although they are, as she admits, a bit unconventional, there are some great ideas in this video. Her hacks:


1. Play music for your baby in the womb


2. Use KT tape to feel a little more weightless and help support your stomach.


3. Combat tearing by using moisturizing products on your vaginal area in preparation for giving birth.


4. Drinking pregnancy tea can help make your uterus more efficient.  


5. Use vitamin serums and oils to help prevent stretch marks.


6. Keep your abs tight after pregnancy by not using them during pregnancy. 


7. Nursing tops are expensive, but they aren't hard to make yourself. 















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