3 Supplement Routines Worth Trying

Supplements - all our favorite, healthy YouTubers seem to be taking them. Should we?


Supplements are a tricky business. There are new ones popping up everyday, and it gets hard to tell which is a legit brand and which is just a money grab. It's also difficult to tell which supplements you actually need and when you are wasting money. 


We turned to three trusted YouTubers to tell us what they take. While they may be compensated for some of the products they promote in their video, we can trust that they vetted the product before agreeing to promote it. Bottom line: these YouTubers are giving us good advice. 


Check out these three routines. One for a beginner, one for the advanced and one geared specifically towards working out: 


For Beginners



via Abby Pollock.


YouTube superstar Abby Pollock's guide to supplements is perfect for beginners. There's only four you need to concern yourself with, and she analyzes them in a simple and fun way. If you're just getting started with supplements, this is a must watch. 


For Advacned


Supplements You Need To Know! My Vitamin Routine!

via keepupwithliv



Liv goes into great detail on her daily vitamin routine. A great guide for those looking for a more advanced routine to follow, as she highlights 14 different supplements. 


For Working Out


My Supplement Routine//What to Take for Fat Loss/Lean Gains

via Kamilah Powell



Kamilah details her daily supplement routine to augment her workout schedule. Her routine is meant for those looking to lose fat, but is geared towards lean gains as opposed to bulking up. 





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