These Videos Will Help Calm Your Anxiety Attack

Anxiety lies dormant in our minds, in our bodies and in our hearts. It sits there, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Once it senses stress, fear, uncomfortable or self-pity it attacks. Once it grabs you it doesn't let go. 


What do we do when it attacks? What defenses do we have against such a monster? 


We have many, we just can't often see them. When anxiety attacks it attempts to confuse us, blind our senses and disconnect us from our defenses and cause us to lose control. It isn't until we regain that control that we can push the anxiety attack back.  


We are not alone in this struggle. Here are 5 videos to help us in our times of need. These videos get thousands of views per hour - they must be working. They've worked for me.


Are you having a panic/anxiety attack❓Stop it with 👉 Guided Relaxation

via Meditations with Rasa Lukosiute.




Spoken Affirmations For Panic Attack, Anxiety and to calm down. (Using the law of attraction)

via Jason Stephenson - Sleep Meditation Music.



Guided meditation for Anxiety, worries and relaxation into sleep

via Meditation Vacation.




How To Calm Down In 10 Seconds (Fast Relaxation Trick to Stop Anxiety and Stress)

via ALifeLessAnxious.




8 HOURS Calming Music for Highly Sensitive People (for Tensions, Panic Attack, Anxiety)

via meditationrelaxclub.




Know of anymore? Let us know, we will be updating this post regularly. 



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