Veganism isn't new, but it's seen an exponential increase in popularity in the past decade. The clean eating, healthy living lifestyle has become a vibrant community across social media. Everyday tips, recipes and how-to content is being created by talented content creators. These are our favorites:

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These vegan vloggers will plan out your next 5 breakfasts.

Whether you like sweet or savoury breakfasts, there is a sandwich recipe for you!

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Hundreds of unique vegan recipes get posted everyday (you can check out the feed on this page for some of them) but our absolute favorite of all-time are listed below. Whether you are new to veganism or looking for some reliable recipes, here are the best of the best:

Liv B is one of the most popular vegan creators on YouTube. Her mission is to show people who easy and accessible the vegan lifestyle is. Her recipe videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

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